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Renita Garrett (#101369)

After serving 21 years of active military service in the United States Army I had a plan after taking 90 days off to return back to the work force immediately. Once I spent the summer with my children I realized I needed to take more time off to spend some much needed quality time with them. I'm a big supporter of family and friends who are in business and I try to give my support when I'm able. I saw a post from Patricia about her new website and I decided to explore the site and I saw a few items and I decided to buy to support her. A few weeks later she went live on FB and the jewelry she displayed looked amazing and the fact that it was only $5 I was sold, $20 for 4 pieces. I decided to join her team because this business was just what I needed to allow me the time I need to care for my children and provide income at a pace that works with my schedule as a full time student.

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