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Britney Frank (#1029)

In 2009, I was a newlywed with a new baby, living at my parents. They flipped homes, and with the market crashing, so did their business. They lost everything, except for their own house. One day I convinced my mom to go to a trade show. There we saw $5 jewelry. We didn't have much, but we had $5! My mom and I decided that we had to get in on this. We drove 3 hours to pick up $3,000 worth of jewelry that we had to put on a family’s credit card. It was terrifying. From there though, we never looked back! We were able to make this business successful for us fast. And then, I got pregnant this time with twins! They were born at 26 weeks. We didn't know if they would live or die. I was a mess but my sweet Paparazzi sisters prayed for my boys! They are now 5 years old! Then November 2013, my mom, was diagnosed with bone cancer. Our sweet Paparazzi sisters prayed my mom better! We started this business for the money, but we stayed for the sisterhood!

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