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Monique Smith (#106382)

Hello and welcome to my site. I am Dr. Monique Smith, an Executive Director with Paparazzi Accessories. I'm that super-educated, 50 year-old, single, professional woman, with no dependents who LOVES jewelry and fashion. I tried Paparazzi jewelry and I was hooked! So in October 2017 I signed up. Initially, I was driven to start my own business for the tax write-off, but my ‘why” changed after I joined the company. The product sells itself with a $5 price point everyone can afford. But I gained so much more after I joined. I saw women changing their lives with this company. I joined a sisterhood of wonderful women from all over the country, gained a network of friends, and a support system like no other. I never expected to catch the vision, build a team, and rank up, but I did! Now I'm considering leaving the 8-5 world, working for myself and retiring in a completely different way. Contact me if you are interested in joining my team.

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