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Theresa Frost (#10838)

Oct 16th 2012 I started this journey. When I first started selling paparazzi it was just to get cute jewelry at a discount and share with friends. Then a few years ago, I saw a pretty little red car on the showroom floor. I quickly did the math and knew I could pay that car payment with my cash from selling paparazzi jewelry. I paid this off early with my paparazzi sales. When I started working my business harder and with purpose My why changed. I worked towards my retirement. As of Jan 1st 2022 I retired, and am full time with paparazzi. Paparazzi has helped me to pay down debt and of this year I will be completely debt free. I have found so much more than these things. I have found my voice, I have found my worth, I have found friendships that are as close as family to me. I have a team of ladies who are amazing women, and I am so Blessed to be able to help them find their voice and their worth, they are beautiful, these women and my beautiful customers are my heart. ❤️

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