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Nicckay Natson ( The Kayara Collection) (#1093434)

Hello my name is Nicckay Natson some know me as doctor others know me as apostle. I am simply the jewel queen a jewelry lover. In fact I am a pearl kind of girl. When I look at pearls I see the uniqueness, beauty and rarity in that jewel. Pearls symbolize beauty and wisdom. That's how I see women as 100% beauty, infused with their uniqueness, and the rare gifts that they bring to the earth. So I am about bringing the beauty out in other women, helping them to be their authentic self with flaws and all. Jewelry only enhances the beauty of a woman she makes the pieces that she wears and creates her story. If you would like to conduct a party, do a fundraiser or simple purchase jewels from the jewel queen either way your event, pieces that you purchase will be prayed over and prophetically spoken over. May God continue to bless your journey as a woman. "We Rise By Lifting Others" God first, family and then my assignment in the earth thats me in a nut shell.

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