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Madeline Gonzalez (#1096131)

I want to share a little of my Paparazzi story with you, even though it is still being written!! I am Maddy and I love Paparazzi Accessories. I joined the Paparazzi family because it offered me the opportunity to become a Business Owner of affordable fashionable trendy accessories for just $5 to women everywhere, empower talent, and offer other family’s financial stability. Through this venture, Paparazzi has helped this once SHY New Yorker emerged into the outgoing person I am today and blessed me with new friends and self-confidence. Paparazzi has been a blessing for me and I look forward to continued growth throughout my journey. REMEMBER that everyone has their own journey, their own ups and downs, on their path to awesomeness’. Thinking about joining Paparazzi? Do not think twice; we have the tools you need. Join my Team and let’s flourish together!!

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