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Veronica Callahan (#1101041)

There was a time in my life when my speech was altered and slurred. A point where I couldn’t pick up a bead , a coin or even walk without assistance. But today! You can’t even see evidence of what all I have been through. I am a woman that has beaten, overcome and survived seen and unseen life altering battles that could have and should have resulted in death mentally, physically and emotionally. BUT GOD! After being diagnosed with many severe Illnesses I found myself naturally retired in my 40’s. I have always loved to help and nurture people , and equipping them with the knowledge that I have to help them change the trajectory of their families. I love the fact that we can use this here platform PAPARAZZI to make you feel good about your self and to continue to PRESS ON. Enhancing the outside exterior, but to also drop knowledge and wisdom from my own life experiences to encourage people to LIVE and NOT JUST EXIST. I am taking a leap on faith into this business. With nice hours and income. I am looking forward to help build the PAPARAZZI family that I have now become. With affirmations and the Word of GOD I am happy to start this journey promoting SELF AWARENESS, SELF LOVE, and HEALING to show people the value in themselves and that all things are possible through GOD.

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