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Taneka Johnson (#110855)

When I first found out about paparazzi, I was at a friends house and a lady did a house party. I watched as all of the customers and even myself were in awe of all of the beautiful jewelry that she had placed before us. At the current time I was working two jobs & a full time graduate student. I started my Paparazzi journey October of 2017. Paparazzi came into my life right on time. I had obtained some unexpected doctor's bills and because of me generating the extra income from paparazzi I was able to pay off those doctors bills and still have some money in my pocket from consistently working my business and making women feel beautiful. Team Diamond Dynasty is on fire and they are ready to help you get started on cancelling your fears, increasing your faith, and increasing your pockets! Join my team today and let's get started on your pink journey, so you can tell the world about how paparazzi grateful you are too!

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