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I decided to invest in myself Nov. 2017. This decision was the best $99 investment I’ve ever made. I recognized the need that business could fulfill. This Journey has allowed me to Empower, Inspire, Motivate and Encourage others to become successful entrepreneurs. I now currently hold the lifetime Rank of Premier Producer as of January 2021 with a team of 613 Business Partners and growing Despite illness, being a wife and mother of 4. This business has continued to fulfill a financial need by providing multiple streams of income. I’m now more connected with my community through Workshops, and vending events. Spending my days providing an affordable product to those in my community while promoting and supporting small business, has truly been a blessing from Paparazzi. I’m determined to change my narrative working hard to one day be part of the top 1% in this industry. Join my Team Today... 💕

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