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Be Adorned Jewels LLC (#122159)

In June 2017 one of my dearest friends joined Paparazzi, and mentioned the opportunity to me. I researched it for quite a while prior to joining. In December 2017 I joined Paparazzi as a Consultant. I had my first two business partners within two weeks, and earned back the money from my start up cost in one day. Within one full month in the business I became a Director. Like so many others, I too work a full time job and I'm a full time Mother, with not much time for myself. But I decided going into 2018 no more putting myself last, If I can manage a household, effectively lead 12-15 people on my full time job. I can be a BOSS and successfully run my own business. Today I have a team of sixty-five Relentless Jewels and I currently hold the rank of Premier Director. If you are looking for an additional income and flexibility this may be the opportunity for you Together we can add beauty to lives of others, JOIN MY TEAM!

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