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In 2017 I was hit with a horrible blow. My husband of 12 years, asked for a divorce. I was devastated and was unsure of my next move in life. On January 6, 2018, I prayed and asked God for something that would help me achieve some things that I wasn’t able to accomplish in my marriage. As I scrolled Facebook, I saw that a friend started a new business. She asked everyone to check out her website. I try to support all of my friends, so I clicked on her link. After I saw all of the $5 jewelry, I wanted to buy it at the wholesale price. I joined the same day! It has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I have met some amazing people. I am able to pay bills, save, and vacation more often. I am a Premier Director. I lead an amazing team of ladies. I have a standing contract with a mall in my area and I am a preferred vendor with some event companies. If you are looking for a new start, want to overcome fears, create wealth, and create something for yourself, join me on this journey

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