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Kala Cantu (#128573)

I am a wife and a mother of 2.. I made the decision to join paparazzi January 2018, knowing we would have to pay for college soon! My husband and I don't want to struggle to give our kids a better life, WE see ourselves better then our current circumstances. I have worked hard since I was 18. At this point in my life.. I am determined to become a millionaire in my OWN business, before I retire.(Romans 4:17 the Scriptures say, “I have made you a father of many nations. This is true before God, the one Abraham believed—the God who gives life to the dead and SPEAKS of things that don’t yet exist as if they ARE REAL.) I love jewelry, makeup and all things that BLING! The decision was easy to start with Paparazzi, I am very excited about this next chapter in my life! Thank you for joining me on this journey with team PROSPERITY Jewels ! :)

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