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Stephanie Stephens (#146573)

Hello and welcome to my site: Divine Designs For 5! My name is Stephanie but I prefer "Step" and I am a mother of 4 and "Ma" to many LOL. I've always had an eye for fashion and I have been in retail many years ago. I never lost my love for selling, fashion, makeup, photography etc. After much prayer and contemplation for a little over a year, I finally decided to #JustLEAP and I am sooo happy that I did! I love my "PapiDivas/PapiDons" and being an independent consultant has allowed me to be a just a lil more sassy, a lil more confident without being cocky! Please look around and I'm sure you're going to find AND purchase something you like and will end up loving. Thank you for visiting DivineDesignsFor5 and I look forward to having you as a customer. Peace and blessings to you<3

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