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Michelle Johnnie (#1681)

Hi! I am Michelle Johnnie, A Luxe Jetsetter with Paparazzi Accessories. I used to be a Special Education teacher, but quit when I started having kids. Money got tight. When my third child was born, I knew I needed to find a way to supplement my husband's paycheck. I got invited to a Paparazzi party in July of 2011. That started a fabulous journey that has improved my family's finances and improved our lives. I accessorize in fabulous jewelry every day at wholesale cost and feel beautiful. I make much more money than I did as a SPED teacher and have won multiple trips out of the country compliments of Paparazzi. I have more friends than ever before. My kids help me with this business. I'd love to teach you how to be successful with Paparazzi! Feel free to contact me to purchase some cute $5 jewelry, get FREE jewelry by hosting a party or earn money by becoming a consultant.

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