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Muriel Carroll-Newton (#170174)

Hi! My name is Muriel Carroll-Newton. I am 64 years old and I currently hold the rank of Premier Director with a team of 30. My job in the corporate world was in HR Management . It was very stressful. I’m diabetic. In 2015 my retina in my left eye detached I became legally blind in that eye. Blood vessels started bursting in my right eye making it difficult to see out of that eye. I decided my health and peace of mind was more important. I left my corporate job in October 2016. Buying a lot of jewelry! Cost of a kit x many. I joined in April 2018 to buy at the discount. I’m not new to entrepreneurship so why not have a stream of income and this would be fun! But my why changed where I needed to grind more. In 2020 my husband became ill and had to retire early. I want my team to be successful If they are successful I will be also. They are in business for themselves but never by themselves! I see financial freedom. I’m a winner! Winners never quit and quitters never win! Muriel

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