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Gina Randolph (#183556)

I wasn’t even a jewelry person! 2 - 3 pairs of earrings, MAYBE!! My sister bought our Mother a pair of $5 NICKEL FREE LEAD FREE STYLISH hoop earrings with little red beads (her fav color) dangling along the bottom of the hoops!!! - Not a lot of Bling but STYLISH? YES!!!! This ONE PAIR OF EARRINGS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I was skeptical at first! It wasn’t until I saw her light up with them on and shake ‘em around a bit with the turn of her head, that I said, “HEYYYY THOSE ARE REALLY CUTE!!!! THOSE EARRINGS ARE REALLY CUTE ON HER!!!” I am Mom’s caregiver 24/7 and was driving out to department stores to bypass all other jewelry racks to the ONE Nickel Free jewelry rack. I WAS PAYING $15 - $40 on one piece of nice jewelry for my Mom and MAYBE one piece for me!!!! Crazy!!!! Well, I can afford Paparazzi and I don’t have to make special trips just to see my mom light up and bring joy to our day!!! I LOVE JEWELRY, EVERYBODY LOVES JEWELRY, AND I LOVE PAPARAZZI!!!!

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