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Angela Kennedy (#207293)

Here is my story as why I became a paparazzi consultant. I joined in July 2018. Yes I was nervous wondering how you can make money doing this business so I researched a bit before joining. The jewelry that we have are gorgeous pieces. I have done some shows and people that never heard of paparazzi jewelry " say these pieces are only $5.00". So why did I start my own business well because honestly I was tired of working for Corporate America. Where they don't appreciate anything you do/did for there company so I jumped into this. I have to say this is not a get rich company you have to work hard for what you want. I have to say the money that I have made has helped me register my vehicles, has put food on my table and has paid some of my bills. I am very luck to have found this company to work my own business and I'm having FUN doing my JOB!!! So if you have been thinking about joining my team or hosting a show please contact me and we can talk!!!

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