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Tiffany Wagner (#2265)

October 2011 our family was truly living on a mac n' cheese budget. Struggling to buy groceries, diapers, etc..for 5 kids was a struggle. Police work doesn't pay well, but my husband was still busting his butt to provide for us. We were drowning in medical bills, trying so hard to keep our family afloat. We took our food budget for the month & joined this crazy $5 jewelry company. Sounds crazy I KNOW. We put our faith in God , we knew if we didn't do something our kids would go hungry. We work hard, never give up, & have faith. We no longer live in fear of not being able to provide for our family. We know what you are thinking.... how can they make enough money to provide for their big family selling something so inexpensive? Well we do, and we want to teach you and other families how. We would love to find more families that are interested in taking a leap, having faith, and letting us teach you how to provide some income for your family.

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