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Sally Ricker (#244211)

I’m a Blessed Mom to 3 beautiful and amazing grown adult children. When I was raising them by myself, I wish that I had known about this company. From the first piece of jewelry I saw, I knew it was a winner. I was in Fashion, retail sales and management from 1979 to 2000. Since beginning this journey, I have had the pleasure of working from home and growing this business to mentor and help so many other men and women, while holding a full time job. I'm now doing this Full-Time! This jewelry sells itself but it does take work and determination. However, to me it doesnt feel like work because of the joy it brings to everyone. It has blessed my life on so many levels. So, please feel free to peruse the abundance on this website and order direct. If you are interested in working directly with me in this business and would like to join my team, please tap on the link "Join My Team". I would love to bless you and bring you on this journey with me to reach the stars as my business partner. Thank you.

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