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Lavetta Bernard (#245361)

One evening, after growing weary of my current status, I found Paparazzi. You see I had given myself to man & Corporate America for 16 years too long. I saw them more than I saw my husband and children. I saw them more than I gave time to God. I was completely exhausted and tired of trying. Have u ever felt under appreciated? When I came in touch with Paparazzi, It made me believe that there was hope. With just the right touch I could work for myself and survive! I could spend more time with my family. Theres a whole world of possibilities & people waiting for me. I stepped out on faith! Since that day I became Director of my own team! I found out that it works when you trust the process! The A~Team of Bling will make its name!. In just a few short months I have reached milestones that have uplifted my soul and inspired new faith. If u are wanting to start living your best life, Join the A team of bling! $99 will change your life forever! You're worth it!

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