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Marci Yoseph (#25052)

Hi! Welcome to my site! I'm glad you are here.My mom gave me 2 Paparazzi necklaces for Christmas a couple years ago and I was in love! Then she told me it was only $5. I started thinking about selling Paparazzi just for a little extra cushion while my hubby is in grad school. I signed up with the $750 kit (extinct now). I had no idea what I was doing. I appreciate each of you who took a chance on me - my first party people, my first teammates. You hold a very, very dear place in my heart. Money was my initial motivator but as I saw how $5 jewelry really can touch a person's soul it changed my story. I love how a woman's eyes light up when she feels beautiful for the first time in a long time. Helping my teammates grow their own businesses and watching them develop skills they never knew they had is a blessing.Paparazzi is a financial journey but it also an emotional journey that truly can change lives $5 at a time.

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