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Shari Kolb DBA Sassy's Bling and Things (#255801)

After nearly dying @ 12 months old, and then again on September 11, 2018 from CHF, Hypoxia and A-Fib, and recently being diagnosed with a Superior mediastinal mass, it has been a struggle. I was told by several doctors I was in Heart failure. I never had any heart problems before except being really sick 4 weeks before I was put in ICU! Needless to say, with prayers of many, PRAISE THE LORD, I am on my way to total healing! I am a Gospel Singer/Songwriter and Musician, have been in retail sales and outside sales many years (among other things :)) and I wanted to start a business that is fun, full of bling and other things, that my husband and I, my daughter, and G-kids can do no matter what! YOLO!

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