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Gettn Sassy With Saundra (#27293)

I was out driving one day and saw the Awesome pink and black tent set up near my home and I stopped and OMG all the beautiful, classy and fashionable jewelry. What really excited me was the jewelry was affordable for everyone, different colors and styles for anyone. I talked with the consultant and did 2 basket parties and I was so ecstatic about the responses from coworkers! I sold 70 of the 75 pieces I had, I had to sign up and join this magnificent family! Paparazzi has allowed me to take trips buy things anytime I wanted to because I had the money on hand, so now I’m ranking and can’t wait to see myself in the coming years! I would love to help other people join me on this ride because Paparazzi is an awesome company to be in business with! That’s my story!

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