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Southern Mama's Jewelry Box (#283341)

WELCOME TO SOUTHERN MAMA'S JEWELY BOX I loved playing in my mama's jewelry box as a kid. It was a lacquered black box with a beautiful Japanese garden scene. I would spend hours playing with it. Since those early days, I have loved jewelry. Dainty jewelry, bold jewelry, subtle jewelry, and especially jewelry with lots of BLING!! When I found Paparazzi I knew I had found something great. My "bling dealer", as I called him, kept telling me I'd do great selling the jewelry because I loved it so much. I wasn't interested in selling jewelry but I loved wearing it and at $5/piece who wouldn't love it?!?!?! So.....I became an independent consultant so I could share my love for jewelry with everybody. Take a look and see what I'm talking about. I never knew $5 could make someone feel so good! Check me out on Facebook too.

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