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Cheryl Mitchell (#293686)

I love helping people feel good about themselves. I often say that we are hero support, we are the cheerleaders in others lives, wanting them to walk away encouraged and with a smile. My husband and I love volunteering our time, money and resources to help others on construction, maintenance, safety training and Bible education. So it was a natural fit to join the Paparazzi Accessories team, which normally I would never do but let me explain why I joined the team. Living in Durango, CO our jewelry shopping choices are pretty sparse and always looking to keep our lives simple and our expenses low, buying jewelry always feels like a luxury. Enter Paparazzi, for $5 +tax I can have a lead and nickle free necklace and earring set to allow my glamour to shine. Becoming an independent consultant allows me to help others allow their glamour to shine while helping us to pay for gas for our volunteer work. Join me on the journey to allow our glamour to shine and be sisterhood hero support!

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