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Melissa D Thompson (#325097)

Hello beautiful! My story begins with how can we make a difference? A difference in your style and in your wallet! When you are "put together" you feel "put together", right? That is what the paparazzi family gives! Affordable, fun fashion to accessorize with everything in your closet! I made the decision to order a $5 piece of Jewelry and well, It has changed my life! Currently, I am a life of the party Gold member and LOVE $5 bling! I am addicted! This is truly the most fun I have had while making a good living playing and partying with $5 jewelry! Thank you Paparazzi Family! Thank you for the fun and the recognition! Everyone can feel their best every day and I'm here to help you do just that! So, put it on, and strut your stuff! You just got $5 bling-if-ied! Want to make your own money while everyone oogles over your fashion sense? Join my team, and let's show the world that it doesn't cost a fortune to be stylish and posh!

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