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Jennifer Pugh (#328579)

While being in my favorite makeup group, The Beautee Shoppe, I saw this gorgeous woman on FB live and she was not doing makeup! I noticed her smile, sweet spirit, and quickly learned she was selling Paparazzi! As she continued I was hooked and shopped to get those cute pieces! Each week she was live, I was shopping! She took all my little coins!!! Lol! She kept reminding me I could do the same- Join her team, sell and get it for $2.75! I finally joined in September 2019 and my life has forever changed! I have come out of my comfort zone and began to take off!! Ranking to Director in March after the revival at Empower Me Pink ATL was so refreshing and rewarding! I am continuously fulfilling my purpose, making money, meeting new people, and having the time of my life! It's more than $5 jewelry, it's an essential life changer!!!

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