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Desire2Bling by Anais (#350333)

Their is always an ABOUT ME. Half of us stare in the blank box wondering how many characters it will take to describe yourself. I edit my description by saying this.. I am a Child of God, I am a Women.. I am a Daughter, I am a Mother. i am a Wife... I am an Aunt... I am a Best Friend.....I am Day Dreamer....I am an Artist ...I am a VETERAN..I am far from normal and yet vibe with everyone… I am a person who has failed... I am a person who has RISEN. In all this I have learned to just be myself and Treat myself. Like most people i wanted to make some extra money to pay things when times were rough, but then the laughter and genuine positivity that came from my upline, the loyalty of friends and family that helped me along the way, and most important the smiles and laughter from the people who continued to join me for Great Blinging Parties has taken myself and my team to new heights. So Desire 2 Bling !!! Be You, Be True..

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