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DeBraisha Hale & Team Divine Designs (#35076)

Have you ever said “Yes” to something but you had no idea what was in store? Well, Paparazzi has been life changing for me, my family and people all over this world! As a mother, and a wife, I wanted something that would bring in extra income for my family and something to call my own. After meeting with my sorority sister and paying close attention to her Paparazzi post, I took the jump and never looked back! It’s fun, fashionable and affordable for everyone! I love our accessories and the way it makes me feel and all of the women and men who wear it! I am so thankful to sit as an Maven A-Lister with an amazing team, who has allowed me to be apart of their lives just as they are apart of mine!! I have grown so much on this Paparazzi journey and embrace all that it has and continues to do for families around the world! I was also blessed to be able to retire last year from a 17 year career as a school counselor with 3 degrees.

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