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Christopher Marchese (#354547)

I stumbled upon Paparazzi through a good friend of mine. I was a customer and never thought to put a monetary value on what she was doing but saw it from a business view. One day she approached me and asked "Why don't you become an Independent Consultant? I think you will do great in this business". The rest is history. I found out not only can you run your own business but you can make some awesome friends and money too. This has made me do things outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself like I never have before. It is worth doing so. It makes you think about your future and the future of your loved ones. This is a stepping stone to have something to call your own and run your own life as you see fit. In this short amount of time I have become more social and met some amazing people along the way. I now call family. The customers are the best part because they drive your business and continue to support you along the way.

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