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Hi! My name is Gabby. I am an absolute animal lover but my main fondness is dogs. I currently have a pack of five that will probably make appearances in pictures sporting some of my personal jewelry and some of my lives. Long story short, I started noticing one of my close friends wearing some really unique jewelry and when she told me she sold it and it was $5!! I was instantly intrigued. Needless to say I started purchasing some pieces. I quickly realized that this is truly an addiction! When my friend Lisa started talking to me about joining her team, I always said no. One day I started arranging all the jewelry I had purchased from her and thought to myself, "Self! This jewelry sells itself!" So here I am. I am hoping this jewelry brings as much joy to you as it has brought to me. Just remember, it's easy to feed a $5 dollar habit and it last longer than a Starbucks cup of coffee! 🥰😊 Happy shopping!

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