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Michele Sweet (#361522)

Have your ever heard of "7 streams of income" or "multiple streams of income"? Well that is how I came to be part of the Paparzzi Family. A dear sister, prayer partner, and friend had given me some jewelry for an event with my hubby a year prior. Guess what it was still beautiful after wearing it many, many times. She showed me more and it only cost $5.00. I was hooked. I could change out beautiful pieces for the "down low" and they were beautiful. A few months later we were talking about "7 streams of income" and she said would this be two of them? Selling Papa and having a team? Well, you can guess the answer. Here I am and I could not be more pleased with the Paparrazzi Family. My upline is manificent, informative and fun. Real people, look beautiful, have fun and MAKE MONEY. Welcome to the Family. Let the blinging begin. Check out the website and let's get blinging! Bling It Sis!

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