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WELCOME TO MY SITE!!! I AM A DIRECTOR with this AMAZING COMPANY!!! I JOINED MAY 14, 2020 not knowing I would RESIGN from my educational career of 18 years, 3 months later. Due to the pandemic, my family and I decided I resign and become a stay at home Nonnie for my 3 yr old granddaughter. This was an easy decision due to the fact that I had generated the same monthly income (sometimes more) for the past 3 months by SIMPLY sharing this BEAUTIFUL, FASHIONABLE, and AFFORDABLE JEWELRY with you!!! #NOTHING JUST HAPPENS 💎 With Paparazzi Accessories I have🦋 built many new relationships,💎 gained self confidence, 🦋been able to give back to my community and others, and 💜HOPE FOR A FINANCIALLY SECURE FUTURE!!! 🦋Why not join my team: 💎CHOZEN-4-JEWELZ and experience this GREAT OPPORTUNITY with me!!!?💜 Follow me on Facebook and INSTAGRAM: @ Jackie Bumpers

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