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Carolyn Wright dba Cara Jewels (#39240)

Welcome! My name is Carolyn and I’ve been with Paparazzi for many years. Before Paparazzi, I never wore much jewelry, but now I can express myself with accessories and at our price, I can change my style whenever I want. I have a ton of fun with that. I joined Paparazzi for the opportunity and freedom, but I stay for so much more! The best part of this business is the people I meet and being able to help them reach THEIR dreams! I am a Director, Fashion Fix consultant & Life of the Party Award winner, as such, my customers have access to exclusive pieces each month. My mission is to share this opportunity with as many people as possible, so that they can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning their own business. I want to empower people to lead the lives they dream of!

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