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Coco (#414746)

After suffering a work-related trauma from my last employer I was forced to stop working due to my CPTSD. My CPTSD has kept me in self quarantine for the past 5 years. Deemed as permanently disabled my mental health issues prevented me from working to any capacity. I trigger so easily at times I wear noise cancelling headphones just to do grocery shopping. Joining Paparazzi was a huge leap of faith for me. Now, Paparazzi has given me a new purpose! For at least one hour a day with the help of my mental health team this diamond in the rough is beginning to shine! Starting from nothing in September of 2020 I managed to achieve ranking Life Of the Party Bronze to Silver to Gold and just about to hit PLATINUM all within 6 months! This is a game changer people!!! JOIN ME & MY TEAM OF QUEENS!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! LET ME SHOW YOU HOW!!!

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