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Hello!!! Welcome to my Site. My name is Tonica Mack; I'm Independent Jewelry Consultant. I'm a mom of 3 amazing little girls. Before I became a Consultant I was a customer. I fell in love with the look and quality of the jewelry. I couldn't believe it was just $5.00 price point. So, I started my research about Paparazzi Accessories. I was blown away and so inspired by many Consultants testimonies. These consultants are making major boss moves and empowering each other. It wasn't just a business company. They treat everyone as a member of their family. I said to myself why not me? Well here I am! My goal is to help women of all walks of life feel fabulous while shopping on a budget. There's nothing like amazing pieces of jewelry to accent your beauty. So if you're ready to shine like gold and sparkle like glitter. Please shop and enjoy yourself. Thanks so much for stopping by. If you have any questions please email me at classygirlzjewels@yahoo.com Best, Tonica

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