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Crystal M. Terrell (#42261)

I'm Crystal...an Educator bitten BADLY by the Entrepreneurial Bug IONS ago! I was introduced to Paparazzi through a sister friend who is NOW a FOUR-TIME 7-Figure Earner!!! Although reticent at first about the quality of $5 jewelry, she and HYPNOTIZED SILVER won me over! Her persistence and my EXISTING obsession for jewelry, just seemed like a "natural" fit and Get CRYSTALlized! was born! Unlike other direct sales companies, Paparazzi has proven to be of a different ilk. The level of support, training and resources have made ALL the difference as well as the quality, style and detail of the jewelry/accessories that quite simply floors me EVERY time! At the risk of sounding cliche -- these pieces virtually sell themselves and best of all...I control my own schedule and work my business as my personal needs dictate! Success is imminent because you're selling a quality product AND offering a business opportunity that EVERYONE CAN AFFORD! JOIN PAPARAZZI TODAY!

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