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Dareka Washington (#428111)

Welcome to My Site! Dareka Washington (#428111) Hi, I’m Dareka Washington, a Paparazzi Independent Consultant. I discovered Paparazzi through a $5.00 live show while shopping with a friend and joined the Paparazzi family in November 2021. Since then, I've fallen in love with this fashionable and affordable jewelry! Being my own boss has been life-changing. Today, I'm the CEO of Dareka Precious Jewels on Facebook! This business is about more than selling $5.00 jewelry—it's a chance to look great, earn money, and connect with amazing, supportive women. It’s about building friendships, sisterhood, and having fun. My goal is to build a team of strong women, to empower, uplift, and lead. Join my team today by clicking "Join My Team" above, and let’s grow our brand together. I look forward to seeing you in business! Please notify me via Facebook once you’ve joined.

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