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Darquita B Duncan (#428292)

Hello my name is Darquita (Gaither) Duncan I'm an Independent Paparazzi Consultant. All Paparazzi Accessories are $5, Lead Free, Nickel Free, look expensive and cost is inexpensive. Why I sell Paparazzi Accessories? Shopping for Jewelry and Accessories at several location to coordinated with my wardrobe, my looks, my style took up my time. By purchasing Paparazzi Accessories from Jaynea Moran who's now my Sponsor ask me to join her team by selling Paparazzi Accessories. Receiving positive remarks while wearing Paparazzi Accessories I now can give the customers what they need by listening. I'm a Army Veteran. Take this opportunity to shop, Join my Team and have a Paparazzi Bling Party.

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