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Sharon Wilhoite (#428636)

Hi my name is Sharon and I've been feeding my jewelry habit for about 3 years via my upline. She had asked me on a number of occasions if I would like to join and I just wasn't ready or comfortable. Honestly, I didn't think I could sell jewelry! I was a walking billboard but was simply afraid take the plunge. In November of 2020 I woke up with a little courage to call me friend and take the plunge. I couldn't believe I what I had just done. I had a full on anxiety attack due to my lack of confidence. I felt like I'd made the biggest mistake of my life. Fast forward to December 2020 and it has been a wonderful experience connecting with other women who wouldn't have otherwise been interested in wearing jewelry. Paparazzi Accessories has changed how I see myself. It has helped boost my confidence. If you are like me and aren't really sure if you're ready to take the Paparazzi Plunge. l would love to assist you in making the decision that will change your life forever!

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