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Kelly Ragin (#435213)

I first joined Paparazzi in 2017. Due to health challenges I had to take a break. It was then that I realized just how much I LOVE this company! I always knew it was special...but I truly missed my team and the beautiful jewelry annnnnnnd sharing this AhhhMazing business with other women. Well, after recently retiring I knew that this business would be my GO-TO! It's the perfect "Work-at-home-BE MY OWN BOSS" kinda job! And it's myyy very own personal business. So glad to be back with the winning team! I've witnessed the Success of many of my teammates and business partners. It's such a blessing. I named my company in honor of my Late Grandmother. Her nickname was "shugafoot". And she loved ALL THINGS ACCESSORIES! I KNOW SHE'S VERRRRRRRRY PROUD.

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