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Jacque Ford (#436202)

I have faced many trials in my life and one thing I can stand on is, this business is a life changer and a miracle enhancer. God is the miracle worker and he created this platform to bless his people. So many times I have faced adversity and financial mishaps. I have pulled out my bling bag in the hardest financial trials and was able to feed my children, pay bills, fund emergencies, etc. If God brought you to this business it's because he wants to bless you and give you the same opportunity as others to change your life and the world $5 at a time. As long as I have jewelry I am never broke. I was homeless and sleeping in my car with my children, I found a home and needed the money to move in, I pulled my jewelry out, set up a table, and made the money I needed to get me and my children a stable home. DO NOT miss out on your blessing, join my team today for as low as $20.

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