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Stenisha Harris (#442810)

Savage- Gripping and accessorizing the hidden, inner you that’s waiting to GET OUT! My name is Stenisha Harris and I’m here to bring the SAVAGE out of you! I started on this wild journey because I was spending everyday dressing and accessorizing my friends and family every time they left the house, or went to the living room (thanks to the pandemic). I would impress upon them that a cute pair of earrings compliments a perfect shade of lipstick! Bracelets turn the eyes to a perfect manicure. Necklaces accentuate the cut of a blouse or dress. How complete jewelry sets are matched with the perfect shoe or purse! I want to use my fashion sense, sharp vision for color and print to drip your wild side in glamour! This is an opportunity for you to take inexpensive risks to show the REAL you! Come get this drip! Savagely Submitted!

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