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Jamelle Ridley (#443563)

AbndntGEMS was started because Holy Spirit told me too! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't obedient right away, I was slow to start. I had to make sure it was God's voice I was hearing and not my own. What HE wants from me and AbndntGEMS is to make HIS daughters (YOU) feel beautiful and embrace yourselves in your own uniqueness thru one Fun, Funky, Fabulous piece of $5 jewelry at a time. When God created You, HE broke the mold. I know HE broke it when HE created Me. This faith hasn't always been my story. I suffered with fear, low self worth made some bad choices that could have killed me...but GOD! Nobody can be YOU but YOU! So dress her up, LOVE on her, connect with the Father and HIS purpose for your life! You may find that it's here with me as one of God's AbndntGEMS, where HIS strategy and intentionality will blow your mind, as it has blown mine!! YOU ARE PRICELESS!!!! 🤩😎 💄💅💃🤳 LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION...LET'S GET READY FOR YOUR CLOSE UP!!

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