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Tanya Lomax (#450412)

I've been married almost 17 yrs. I have no biological children but I'm the aunt/mother of many. In 2009 I lost both of my parents 3 months apart then in 2014 I lost my brother my protector my ride & die. These life events almost broke me so I decided to jump into school and obtain my bachelor's degree while holding down two jobs my husband was supportive while allowing me the space I needed.I thought I was achieving these things on my own. Something said Tanya you achieved nothing on your own. It was God's Grace and Mercy that allows me to be.#AWarrior ,#ASurvivor ,#Blessed ,#Humbled ,#Grateful , #ADaughteroftheKing, #Understanding. "THE LORD IS THE LIGHT OF MY SALVATION "PSALMS 27-1

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