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Hi, My name is Jalisa, but around my neck of the woods, you may hear people call me A.K.A Punkin, or The Jewelry Lady. I am a 27-year-old, dog lover, music listener and creative butterfly. I am the baby of my family. I don't have any kids but I have a beautiful Yorkie Poodle name Heaven "Tink Tink". She's my bling security when she's not running around chasing socks lol. I joined paparazzi accessories 2017. I was 23 years old and jumped into a business I knew nothing about. I was afraid of failure, I was afraid of what people would think , I was afraid of no one supporting me, but I faced those fears and I did it! You are GREAT!! You are WORTH IT and You are MORE THAN ENOUGH, and NO ONE can tell you differently. YOU ARE THE ISH!!! PERIOD.

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