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Yalanda Brown (#456574)

Embracing my new life, and looking for a fun filled activity with additional income. Something that would flourish my natural ability and allow me to have fun while doing so! I was talking with my son about a new adventure, and he was like, don't talk about it be about it!(which was selling jewelry) I had some specifics about what type of jewelry I wanted to sell. So my son later ordered a Paparazzi jewelry set! He KNOWS that I'm crazy about accessories and I love accessorizing!! it was a very nice set, and it went very well with my African attire that day for church! I than started to think about selling Paparazzi jewelry! I prayed about it (ask God) got my answer from God, and now here I am birthing the baby! To God be all the glory and honor! Thank you for this opportunity! Thank you for your continued support! Be blessed! Know that you can do anything you put your heart to doing!❤️💕❤️

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