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Kim Folden (#476671)

$5 jewelry! It saved me! this company is so much more than just another direct sale company or jewelry!!!! Paparazzi has a different meaning to me. The jewelry is great, I MEAN REALLY GREAT! I have built friendships that WILL last forever! it’s not all about how much money I make (PERK), or getting a crown! it’s not about a lot of the normal things that people would think that comes along with having business, YOUR BUSINESS. The relationships are what makes this different. The relationships that I have built with my customers, with my up line, with my fellow Papa Sisters, it’s amazing! it makes other people happy, it makes me happy, to make other people SMILE! this business has helped me with my grief of losing my only child, my mom, my best friend/ex-husband/future wanted to be HIS wife AGAIN. This gave me back my self-confidence, it’s my safe place! Paparazzi saved me! www.jemtasticsbykim.com

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