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Carmen Lesesne (#60899)

Just so you know, I am a skeptic and I do not jump at every opportunity. I watched a classmate and a childhood friend for MONTHS before inquiring about the business opportunity. After my one question was answered, I joined on 1/27/17. It makes sense! Cute and well made jewelry at an affordable price is a win win for everyone! Shop our online boutique here AND at https://Fab5Jemz.square.site. Truly, the thing I enjoy most is seeing the faces people make when they find out the $5 price tag AND that they can become a business owner for $499 or less…shocked OR ecstatic! Both make me smile. For more details please read this page and email me @ Fab5Jemz@gmail.com. Like & follow on IG, FB, and Twitter @Fab5Jemz. Shop! Share! Join!

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