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Earica Cole (#63122)

One of my closest friends joined Paparazzi in July 2016. I'll be honest, my first thought was, "why is she selling $5 jewelry?” I saw her team growing and this business became more interesting to me. I chatted with her in November and she shared she was now selling Paparazzi full-time. I made a purchase and was impressed! I told her I wanted to join and would do so soon. I met my friend for lunch February 20th. That day, changed my life! I'm the fastest ranking consultant and I’m at the highest rank, Iconic Impressionista with over 37,000 Business Partners. I’ve met some phenomenal women and men, and I'm having FUN! Paparazzi (I affectionately call it BIG Papa) has brought an excitement to my life that had been missing! Because of BIG Papa, I was able to retire at 41 from Corporate America. I was a Senior Level employee in the financial industry but Paparazzi exceeded my annual income tremendously in 15 short months! Take that step and Join My Winning TEAM!

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